Everyone deserves some classical music.
CutTime® puts the best of it everywhere

Classical music is a spiritual communion for its devotees in large, focused concert halls.
But what about those who’d prefer to enjoy this treasure as casually as jazz, rock or folk?

Now there’s CutTime®, making the sport of classical music a big hitter in clubs & restaurants, churches & schools, homes & offices. We are cutting loose with classical for audiences to make sonatas their very own, while creating another breakout Detroit music called classical soul.

CutTime is batting from a deep bench of hit masterpieces, funky-romantic new music and game-changing metaphors for events that are infotaining, participatory & deeply spiritual.
We believe that fun and intimate classical and symphonic concerts in casual settings are not only possible, but inevitable.

Robinson has been an innovative force in bringing chamber ensembles into nontraditional venues and classrooms, mixing it up with a variety of creative repertoire and generally proving that classical music belongs not on the fringes of contemporary culture but at the heart of everyday life.
– Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press Music Critic

Rick Robinson is bringing classical music to the masses— which may be one of the most challenging jobs in all of music.
Amy Haimerl, Crain’s Detroit Business