Everyone deserves a symphony.
CutTime® cooks ’em up HOT & FRESH.

Incredible orchestra concerts take place in controlled settings for middle-high-brow audiences. But what about everyone else? Where are the casual and intro-level experiences (low-middle-brow) for the rest of humanity?

CutTime answers the call with new classical, that pops up across the country and slips the magical adventures of symphonic music boldly into restaurants, clubs, cafes, homes, churches, schools, festivals and corporate events.

Started by former-Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassist Rick Robinson, CutTime’s two flexible, flagship ensembles, CutTime Players® and CutTime Simfonica®, reset the symphony for the broadest public and in the smallest settings. We spread the passion of classical music’s greatest hits through interactive shows, surprising performances, game-changing information, fun participation, funky-romantic new music and guest artists that make sense of what remains for most a difficult art form.

It’s time to clue in the rest of the world to their own public domain. It’s time to cut loose with classical music!

Robinson has been an innovative force in bringing chamber ensembles into nontraditional venues and classrooms, mixing it up with a variety of creative repertoire and generally proving that classical music belongs not on the fringes of contemporary culture but at the heart of everyday life.
– Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press Music Critic

Robinson is bringing classical music to the masses— which may be one of the most challenging jobs in all of music.
Amy Haimerl, Crain’s Detroit Business

See CutTime swing on WDIV-TV.

From the menu you can…

  • Read why classical music is overdue for a revolution.
  • Listen to symphonic music played as chamber music (more democratic).
  • Hear tonal, new compositions that blend urban pop rhythms with classical development.
  • Support this new tradition for classical music that totally includes the audience.