Hit Refresh

CutTime is pro-active to hit the reset button on classical, and esp. symphony, to extend written music to places and people both inside and outside the arts bubbles. Starting with two ensembles of 4-8 musicians, lively covers and sexy, Detroit-flavored originals anchor the portable club classical series Classical Revolution Detroit. Connection starts by sacrificing the demands for silence and well-rehearsed playing. Professional events can be as simple as a sight-reading party with classical music. It’s not meant for veterans or critics, so they have no right to complain, and plenty of reason for this to grow. 

CutTime makes classical click for the first-timer with insightful analogies, passing historic context and radical audience participation. CutTime performs the broadest range of events from relaxed community open jams (sight reading) in clubs, Classical Revolution Detroit event playing Brahms Clarinet Quintet 2011restaurants and homes to polished concerts onstage in churches and schools. CutTime pops up in every community, lending urgency to local leaders and artists. New classical methods turn outsiders into marginal insiders.

By demystifying classical where people discover other music, by briefly letting go of control, by hearing and being open to anyone, CutTime validates the community and then validates traditional concerts (pure). The broadest public fully deserves access to its own legacy as humans (public domain). Embracing the paradoxes of all living things, CutTime flips over the coin of understanding to embrace raw expression with the refined, and vice versa. The past dances with the present on the way to a future the present can’t imagine. We challenge the classical music industry to do more, to work harder to become both special AND common. We insist the classical arts are living practices that inspire adaptive modes of service. America deserves to ride the symphonic bus.

CutTime means to connect, discover and inspire with our common humanity through classical music. CutTime means fun; where innovation comes naturally.

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