Cut time symbol

cut time is this musical symbol calling for a fast or swinging beat. CutTime Productions adopted it to make the magical adventures of classical and esp. symphonic music fast and swinging for newcomers; effectively cutting the time it takes real people to immediately access it. During 22 years in a major orchestra, CutTime’s founder, Rick Robinson, grew deeply committed to serving the broader public with info-taining events that give personal meaning and benefit. Perfect for churches and schools, CutTime eventually expanded into restaurants, clubs and homes.

Robinson has been an innovative force in bringing chamber ensembles into nontraditional venues and classrooms, mixing it up with a variety of creative repertoire and generally proving that classical music belongs not on the fringes of contemporary culture but at the heart of everyday life.
– Detroit Free Press Music Critic Mark Stryker

Music critic Jeffrey Rossman of Classical Voice of North Carolina called CutTime founder Rick Robinson, “a modern-day Dvorak… [whose] personality, aggressive advocacy of [practical outreach], and his remarkable playing, composing and arranging skills put him in the forefront of this movement.”