Many ensembles serve excellent concerts & workshops. CutTime’s qualities cut deeper:

  • Blending famous symphonic works with humor and key listening insights
  • Hosting off-the-cuff or scripted, we explain the sport of classical music
  • Validating tonality and romantic expression using urban dance grooves in new works
  • Offering unique special and holiday programs (Valentines, MLK, Halloween)
  • Creating curiosity by answering unspoken questions (What makes it classical?)
  • Sharing dozens of effective analogies for newcomers to truly listen
  • Dialing between refined vs. raw values in performance to strategically engage
  • Bringing symphonic music amplified into popular bars, restaurants, clubs & outdoors
  • Bringing our own amplification system, good up to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Reaching into black and Latino neighborhoods with the why and how, and a black leader
  • Audiences can participate on toy percussion to help shake up classical music
  • Preparing newcomers for the habits of the concert hall, and how they maximize impact
  • Spot interviews with questions aimed at translating the value of fine art music
  • Giving a quick overview of key ideas and technology that made this music tradition unique 
  • Inspiring new attitudes and sheet music for musicians to create their own bold initiatives
  • Phrasing and shaping each phrase so the journey and drama of music is most apparent


Even playing through party noise, CutTime makes real art work to cut classical loose from some of its sacred rituals, while explaining those rituals for maximizing music’s impact.

CutTime began sharing its music in 1998, launching CutTime Players Publishing with a sheet music catalog of ten transcriptions. That catalog has grown to 90+ items. Orchestras across America can now
fit an orchestra into classrooms, churches and small halls.