Come to Know Classical

By the end of 2012 Robinson resigned his DSO position to realize CutTime’s potential, seeking partners nationally and across all sectors at a time when attendance for most  classical arts is continuing to decline. Mr. CutTime, as he is now called, combined performance excellence with excellence of opportunities to engage a broader public. All people deserve to hear instrumental classical music describe the human condition. It’s only difficult to start. Middlebrow gives access. Fun and exchanges lead to innovation. RAW classical is a fix for its presentation. To compromise and sacrifice shows a broader public that we care.

Taken together CutTime has slowly emerged as an enterprise-mission inspiring musicians to adapt and insert the classical arts in and around other cultures. CutTime recruits and trains determined musicians to help concert presenters draw new concert-goers and to raise the standards for community outreach and education programs. CutTime means to reset and perhaps Americanize classical music as suggested in this landmark document of 1993.

In 2013 Crain’s Detroit Business recognized Robinson with a Salute to Entrepreneurs  as a social entrepreneur, saying he ”is bringing classical music to the masses— which may be one of the most challenging jobs in all of music.” CutTime has won a substantial grant, generous donations and a few sponsorships to develop its program and is currently seeking professional management and regional agents to grow further.

Musicians love to read CutTime Simfonica’s music at Classical Revolution events such as this one in Cincinnati in 2015.