CutTime Players is also ideal for educational programs, often followed by breakout instrumental workshops, such as masterclasses and sectionals with music students. CutTime is resetting the context for classical music and professional standards in schools, inspiring young musicians to practice better, and preparing families to attend orchestra concerts. Once he began composing, CutTime Artistic Director Rick Robinson created a sister ensemble of strings and percussion called CutTime Simfonica in 2010.


Robinson resigned from the DSO at the end of 2012 to complete his vision for the casual presentation of symphonic music; teaching orchestra members, freelance and student musicians ways to effectively share with new listeners the joys of their expression, especially in and around popular culture.

CutTime cuts loose with symphonic music for a broader public.

The mixed octet performs in dimly lit pub.
CutTime Players at St Ceces Pub in Detroit 2015