Managing Partner

It’s been an exciting time here at CutTime Productions. We are looking for a pioneer with both commercial and non-profit experience to guide the growth potential of a hybrid enterprise, including touring, publication sales, the overall brand, charitable mission, and recruiting and training of musicians. We are leading classical music into the entertainment ecosystem, including restaurants, clubs and many other communities to fill the vacuum for classical music in popular culture, using custom  arrangements, modified originals, swinging new compositions, key information for listening, plus a bit of fun and games. Creativity and enthusiasm are rewarded daily as we construct effective new models for true audience engagement, community engagement, club classical, New Classical, school services and casual classical ideology, methods, music and services.

The managing partner collaborates with the artistic director almost daily for development and fundraising, writing proposals, financial reporting, hiring, business planning, sheet music and IP sales, partnerships and marketing. Partners need not live in/near Detroit, although preference may be given to local candidates. Pay comes from negotiated split of earned revenues and profits (inc. royalties),  operational donations and project salary as a direct consequence of your work.

CutTime® intends to expand regionally as an adaptive partner between the classical industry and casual communities curious about classical and orchestras. We will be hiring and training lead musicians throughout the region to seed New Classical with CutTime products. If you believe you have what it takes to grow an exciting new business model for music, send an inquiry to info (at) cuttime .com


Booking Agents

We have part-time positions open for friendly booking agents, to work mostly from home, calling concert presenters around the country (regional) to engage CutTime Productions for 1-4 very unique service products. CutTime® spun off a major orchestra recently to perform symphonic music as small ensembles in concert halls, as well as in clubs and cafes to engage and educate new audiences like no other ensemble. Some experience with classical music is helpful, but not required. We would meet once a week in person (Detroit) or by Skype. If successful, there is a possibility for full-time and advancement. Pay is both by commission and hourly wages: negotiable.

Good speaking skills, email skills, spelling skills and comprehension are required (accents are welcome), plus some experience negotiating contracts. You will learn tour routing, classical music, club music production, concert booking, club booking, conference networking, non-profit fundraising, brand management, marketing materials and negotiating.

You would be expected to call or email 10-20 hours per week (paid), train with us in-person (Detroit area) or on Skype 2 hours per week (paid), and occasionally attend networking events with us (paid).

Contact booking (at) cuttime .com for more information.

New Mr. CutTime

We are looking for a strong, independent leading violinist or bassist to eventually become the next Artistic Director of CutTime Productions when the founder retires. Such a musician will be experienced in the symphonic and chamber music repertoire, and dedicated to adapting symphonic music for the needs and enlightenment of the broadest possible audience, using the entire range of possibilities between formal presentations and the very spontaneous or dance party. Candidates would ideally need to be working within 5 hours of Detroit. Classical musicians based in Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati and Indianapolis may  be preferred.

Candidates will be trained in CutTime theory of mind, public speaking, Finale arranging, composing and publishing, and other new paradigms in the classical arts.

Contact info (at) cuttime .com for more information.