CutTime Productions cuts classical music loose from the rituals of the concert hall to share the fun of this instrumental music with a wider public in restaurants, clubs, community spaces, festivals, artist collectives, churches and schools. We make symphonic music an intimate, personal and informative experience that audience can join playing toy percussion or string instruments. There is no other enterprise in the world with this mission to freely broaden the access to this treasure of music that belongs to all humanity via the public domain. Won’t you please help us grow?

With two unique ensembles that began life in a major symphony orchestra, CutTime® has other unique gifts besides a burning passion to feed the public classical music. It reduces famous symphonic works down to 4-8 instruments, sometimes abridging them, to give a taste of the beauty and power of music audiences may never hear otherwise. It also features the heart-on-sleeve compositions of its Artistic Director, an African-American born in Detroit, to show that tonal, conventional music is a tool anyone can pick up off the floor to see themselves and others. CutTime uses effective metaphors and explains what classical means, to reset its context for the people today.

Our cities contain many communities, each wedded to their own musical belief systems. And yet we can create opportunities to erect cultural bridges everywhere. People are slightly curious to learn about classical music and we are ready to share our artistic license and work past the stereotypes. Let’s have fun cracking open the symphony for the rest of the world!
– Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime)

Post-tiny tots mixer with young boy and bassist Rick Robinson
Young boy connects with classical thru Mr. CutTime’s bass.


CutTime spun off the major orchestra in 2012 because it proved easier to innovate just outside the arts bubble, a place outsiders are marginally curious about but not enough to jump hurdles to try. CutTime feeds back to the arts bubble ways they can become welcoming, practical and inclusive institutions. We have won a major fellowship from the Kresge Foundation in 2010, and a major grant from the Knight Foundation to expand the club classical series Classical Revolution Detroit in 2013-15. Today we rely on generous support from private donations via our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas of New York*.

Classical music is a paradox. It is beloved on the one hand by millions of musicians, arts staff, board members and patrons of the fine arts, while it is reviled and stereotyped by the public-at-large for being anachronistic, cold and disconnected from modern life. CutTime’s mission is to hold up the middle span of a bridge across this divide and invite community to make footsteps across that bridge so goodwill flows in both directions. With an open mind and good hosting skills, it is remarkably easy to do. So CutTime is also teaching the next generation the why and how of this mission so it will continue to grow.

CutTime Players rehearsal at Hot Springs Music Festival
CutTime Players rehearsal at Hot Springs Music Festival

Won’t you be part of a bold future for classical music?

Robinson has been an innovative force in bringing chamber ensembles into nontraditional venues and classrooms, mixing it up with a variety of creative repertoire and generally proving that classical music belongs not on the fringes of contemporary culture but at the heart of everyday life.
– Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press Music Critic

Rick Robinson is bringing classical music to the masses— which may be one of the most challenging jobs in all of music.
Amy Haimerl, Crain’s Detroit Business


The work we are doing is not popular; but it is necessary. CutTime Productions needs support for mission projects and operations, travel, agency, marketing, educational services, conferences, showcases, capital, PR and growth management.

Here’s what your support will pay for:

  • $25 – Travel & meals, operating
  • $100 – Travel & meals, operating, reading session player
  • $250 – Sponsor a single player for a rehearsed concert, networking, operations
  • $800 – Underwrite a Classical Revolution Detroit event, buy an instrument mic, attend a state conference
  • $1,250 – Underwrite a Quartet concert, major advertisement, major, conference, operations
  • $2,500 – Underwrite a CutTime Simfonica concert, major conference, professional consultations, video production, operations
  • $5,000 – Underwrite a CutTime Players concert, Silver sponsor on debut CD project, conference, video production
  • $10,000 – Gold sponsor on debut CD project, showcase at a major conference,  paid intern, professional consultations, any of the above
  • $25,000 – Many of the above
  • $50,000 – Partnership level


  • Please call us at 313-680-8104 for more suggestions.

Your recommendations and referrals to concert presenters and local orchestras also unlock our work. But your financial help today with a tax-deductible credit card transaction will keep us spreading the good news of classical arts into the future.

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