Classical Revolution (CR) began in 2006 in the Mission District of San Francisco, when SF Conservatory student-violist Charith Premawardhana began organizing quartet readings at the Revolution Cafe.  The super-chill monthly series expanded quickly into a few casual spaces across the city each week. It then caught fire in 25 cities around the world by the time we launched Detroit in 2010. The movement fights  to LIBERATE classical music from the “tyranny” of the concert hall, to make music for and about our non-musician friends, and because smoking laws swept the country, creating a healthier environment.

Each Classical Revolution chapter depends on the musicians who organize them, usually for tips. We tend to mix standard classical chamber music with jazz, pop, folk, new and experiments of all kinds. The best chapters open up to their audiences, balancing spoken word with music. A growing army of new ensembles and venues are advancing new classical both within and outside traditional arts bubbles. In partnership with CutTime Productions, CR in Detroit gave CutTime the footing to push for truth and The People along some key fronts, esp. in pop culture.

Classical Revolution Detroit 2010 Photo by Jon Luebke