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The Classical Revolution Detroit series (CRD) is plugging the classical arts into our polyglot nation. It was launched in 2010 by CutTime’s founder Rick Robinson. As a Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassist and Kresge-winning composer, he began adapting real symphony music to sample in schools and churches. Now thanks to CR, CutTime can make the symphony really party, anywhere and amplified. CutTime applies music, methods, metaphors and humanities to raise industry standards for community engagement  and music education. CRD is, in turn, powered by CutTime’s extensive catalog of symphonic transcriptions and accessible new works for ensembles, inc. orchestras.

Best of all, with grants, donations and partners, the CRD series can pop up regularly across town, esp. in popular restaurants and clubs, to pull people into the center of the fun of music making. This is serving the other side of the coin of classical music: performers expecting audience to join in, and wanting to nail a smile on the audience. Even as background, audience pick up musical information, beauty and magic. Classical music, offered humbly, can make it accessible politically. Everyone deserves the beauty, drama, charm and dance. Our audiences can also play toy percussion with us. One might even conduct us!   We give answers to the biggest burning-but-unspoken question, What’s in it for me?