Americans today increasingly divide their attention and absorb just enough information and enough music to satisfy themselves; choosing small bites over committing to a full meal. Classical in club settings becomes a novel and potentially epiphanal alternative: exotic and refreshing in alternation to beat-driven music. To work in such settings, CutTime musicians let go of the demands for silence, so we can test drive a broad range of “what really matters” to casual listeners and solicit diverse perspectives as we scale up, eventually to many chapters. Our work is not popular, but it is very necessary.

Using CutTime methods and music, we can activate the hunger for traditional (pure) classical experiences. Once scaled up and steady, we anticipate growing benefits over many years for our most diverse communities and many classical presenters. Well worth the small overhead, CutTime is a plasma drive for classical music: just turn it on and wait.



CutTime Simfonica plays Russlan Overture at Lake George Music Festival
CutTime Simfonica plays Late Night with Lake George Music Festival at The Boathouse