Q. Why do concerts feel like church?

A. There’s a time for everything. There’s a time to sing with music, a time to dance with music, even a time to ignore music altogether. This concert is a time to sit still, inside the music and hear the drama. We ride music like a magic carpet ride, or take it as fantasy.

Classical music is just like a drama, cartoon or full movie, using music, mainly just instruments, in what we call a sonata. Sonatas come in just a few generic titles. A original sonata features one player, accompanied by keyboard, a quartet is a sonata for four players, a symphony is a sonata for orchestra, and a concerto is a sonata featuring a solo instrument, accompanied by an orchestra. Because these are all acoustic (non-amplified) instruments, there is an authentic vibe to the whole event.

Classical today is a rare opportunity to experience music as exquisitely detailed art or deeply powerful. It’s not just a different style. It’s a different medium or set of languages for communicating feeling, drama, beauty and ideas. It creates a different way of listening, so viscerally that the intensity at first can be scary. For this reason, players and audience become so hooked. We become true believers, like sports fans, that our music will often win, for us, at times, a piece of nirvana (epiphany). Concerts feel like church because we worship music.