Our goal is to use classical music like a tool. This tool can be a window to other perspectives and cultures, or more commonly a mirror to see ourselves, almost like a dream. You don’t have to play an instrument to experience its patterns visually or viscerally. Listening more than once and imagination take over. We might picture cartoon characters acting out the music. In private, try singing familiar parts with the track. This is a powerful means for us to review and express our deepest humanity, in a wordless musical narrative that might unfold like a movie. Music without lyrics can potentially say more. If you need some regardless, try ya-ya-ya, or come up with your own lyrics for starting melodies. These can make music very real. Go for it!

When a sonata starts to make sense, it transport us. At the next level of the game, it may transform us and then we will begin to feel part of something larger than ourselves. Singing melodic fragments to yourself, warm fuzzy feelings of oneness with strangers, buried regrets resurface, finding beauty in everyday things, laughing out loud at nothing, getting another epiphany hit with each encounter… joining with the music becomes our salvation. If you get to that level, if you fall in love with classical music, you’ve beat the game.