How can CutTime ensure our support will effectively enrich our community?


Successful corporations support their local communities with meaningful projects that nourish citizens with access and knowledge to live healthy and happy. Classical music and their potential to unlock personal meaning and inspiration are such projects for deeper living. Our venerated music institutions make these available outside the arts bubble only in small quantities and largely without sharing any of the keys that unlock the meaning or social relevance of classical music.

CutTime changes all this by explicitly bringing key and personal insights in bold hosted events— having started in the African-American community, having traveled the world, having held a world-class position in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and having developed an effective ability to translate inspiration across cultures with innovative transcriptions, new music, analogies and participation. It is the only organization in the world dedicated to presenting symphonic music as chamber music, bringing it into restaurants, offices, homes, schools and churches as never before.

Companies can sponsor individual events that include signage, stage recognition and display of information. Or you may prefer operational support for year-round acknowledgement on our website, each printed program and VIP access to our artists and events. Our new restaurant series will align corporate messaging with affluent customers where they can dine on seafood and Saint-Seans. Call for more details.

CutTime’s ongoing Classical Revolution Detroit series, which won $30,000 from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, has begun its fifth season of casual community chamber music events in local clubs. This project grant expands the series across the city threefold and is ideal for local visibility. Imagine young, hip, black and Latino adults hearing themselves reflected in classical styles.

We’d like to say your business believes that all Detroiters can access the arts. Please call for more information and make a lasting contribution to Detroit’s civic identity.

Classical Revolution Detroit event playing Brahms Clarinet Quintet 2011