Q. How can CutTime prepare our students, faculty and community for the new economy?


A. With an open attitude, the new economy can be an exciting opportunity for today’s music students. Many of them will decide what 21st-Century classical musicianship can become. Building on the public domain, a unique perspective formed by two decades in a major symphony orchestra, and ancient wisdom, CutTime® blends a commercial artist portfolio with a mission to extend authentic classical and symphonic music to the popular culture ecosystem and other public settings. CutTime Founder Rick Robinson shares this vision so that music students might place classical music boldly where it needs to go.

CutTime Players Publishing offers a sheet music catalog of over 80 symphonic transcriptions, such as Till Eulenspiegel, and a dozen popular originals, such as Robinson’s Gitcha Groove On!. Orchestra music can surprise audiences just about anywhere now. The skill-sets required to create more surprise are becoming the arms by which cultural institutions can embrace broader audiences with intimacy & excellence. This is not the dumbing down the industry feared, rather the warming up newcomers want. Let music students connect their other friends with their inner passion and humor. We are in the inspiration business, which means developing hosting skills.

By sharing lessons, music and engagement methods, inc. games, CutTime is planting seeds for practical and positive innovations in both the classical and pop music industries. We show students the basic and value-added structures available to facilitate meaningful exchanges between fine arts institutions and “the real world”. Embracing the paradox of all things, CutTime works both inside and outside the box to reset the context of classical music and set positive standards for a whole community.

Potential for sustainability – I feel the opportunities this group and ensemble [CutTime Players] presents for the student body, social atmosphere of the performances, flexibility of performance venues and enjoyment of the repertoire should provide a sustainable performance medium for students of any collegiate grade level as well as any professional ensembles that stem from this organization. – Joseph Swift, MM Bassoon, U of M

CutTime is the only artistic enterprise in the world dedicated to presenting mainly symphonic music with 4-8 musicians. To that end CutTime offers the same Menu of Services and catalog to music schools as to orchestras.

To learning institutions we add the following:

  • Workshops on casual hosting, neo-romantic composing, and transcribing
  • Lectures and discussions to embrace a progressive future for classical music
  • Lectures and discussions in paradigms and methods for effective relevance-making
  • Lectures and discussions on methods for audience participation with classical
  • Workshop in Finale® software shortcuts and self-publishing standards
  • Read what Detroit Free Press Music Critic Mark Stryker wrote about CutTime.
  • Read more of our Purpose.
  • Contact CutTime today for more information.

    CutTime Players rehearsal at Hot Springs Music Festival
    CutTime Players rehearsal at Hot Springs Music Festival in 2012