Q. What can CutTime® offer that
our own musicians and staff can’t?

A. Since it is proven how critical to connect and draw potential new and diverse listeners, medium- to long-term audience development strategies for orchestras demand nearly daily activities of American symphony orchestras. CutTime offers both artistic consulting and services to create meaningful exposures, relationship cultivation and cross-cultural dialogue using both chamber & orchestral programs. Introducing our music, history and methods to your staff and musicians, many will begin to envision their own passionate programs that more effectively extend your orchestra to outside communities.

We must regularly showcase what orchestras do, and who plays in them, answering why and how classical still matters. The League of American Orchestras is offering funding for this purpose.

CutTime offers a menu of services below.

Our music catalog of over 90 titles is ideal for education and community engagement.
It includes famous symphonic works richly transcribed for chamber ensembles. However, services with CutTime founder Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime) push either gently or boldly past traditional boundaries to awaken newbies to the potential of symphonic music. Robinson developed CutTime as a member bassist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra over 17 years. He teaches musicians why and how to adopt a sharing attitude and to use effective engagement psychology, calling out our inner-Leonard Bernstein, an evangelist for classical music and human universalism. This makes all the difference when speaking to the curious, the alienated or even the veterans.