CutTime’s symphonic transcriptions are high-quality and range broadly into crossover. The Kresge-winning compositions and orchestrations by CutTime founder Rick Robinson restore classicism and validate the rich tonality, clever melodies and expressive play of musical ideas from Bach to Mahler. These works introduce counterpoint, modulation and development to listeners more comfortable with songs and dance grooves.

Robinson leads effectively and passionately, whether from his bass, on the podium or hosting. With 4-16 musicians, a week-long (6-day) residency with CutTime could include (max) Robinson directing 3-4 rehearsals with 2 ensembles in 2 educational presentations, 4 church and/or club events, all leading up to a grand evening at your home venue (6-8 services per musician).

Our menu for these services and additional offers include:

    1. MIXED OCTETS WITH YOUR MUSICIANS. Present transcriptions of famous symphonic repertoire in intimate spaces as CutTime Players (fl, cl, bsn, tpt, tbn, perc, vln, bass).
    2. STRING ENSEMBLE. Present similar repertoire transcriptions plus popular new works by Rick Robinson as CutTime Simfonica (strings & percussion plus optional solos for oboe or English horn).
    3. SWEET DEAL. For our full residency rate, at the end of 6-days working with your musicians, your library can keep half of the chamber music publications performed.
    4. CUTTIME SHEET MUSIC. Music is available for purchase from the CutTime catalog inc. popular new compositions for 4-8 musicians.
    5. ORCHESTRA EdCE PROGRAMS. Robinson’s popular compositions for string, chamber and full orchestra are available for rental.
    6. INTRODUCE CLASSICAL TO NEW AUDIENCES. Let CutTime create indelible introductions of symphonic music in your casual communities. Hosting performances, Robinson can engage anyone with effective listening information, clever analogies, personal context, historical overview and audience activities. These activities encourage musician understanding, participation and creativity.
    7. LECTURE-DEMONSTRATIONS. Robinson offers short solo visits in schools, churches and community gatherings, to build rapport and potential partnerships. CutTime methods make classical music matter.
    8. FUTURE OF CLASSICAL MUSIC DISCUSSIONS. Robinson leads an internal discussion with your board, staff or musician committees with key questions and ideas toward a progressive and balanced future for symphony orchestras.
    9. TRAINING. Robinson inspires musicians to become community artists using CutTime engagement paradigms, methods and the strength of their personalities. CutTime can recruit and teach your musicians to arrange music with software.