Q. How can we build new audience without losing existing patrons?


A. Curious music lovers are everywhere. Many have been waiting for our industry to adapt. The ticket prices, presentation styles, dress code and the music performed need to meet the needs of any new audience, but not all the time. A color-coded or numbered rating system on your marketing materials might distinguish between easy (or casual), mixed and advanced (or traditional) programs.

CutTime® extends classical music beyond the stage, directly towards new people, places and collaborations, discovering easy and replicable solutions for deeper engagement at every level. Our enthusiasm, intimacy and key insights make the fantastic dramas of instrumental music more practical. Audience games make the music indelible.
We spoil our audiences, and play for their attention, curiosity, laughter and catharsis. Keeping our programs lively, shaped, informative and entertaining 
makes all the difference. This is the enterprise of CutTime and flows on tap.

Watch this short video clip from WDIV-TV.

Effective community engagement, on the other hand, is a considerable time investment, requiring deep listening and sometimes a realignment of aesthetic values. CutTime advises week-long residencies to show up across the city and establish common ground. Our symphonic teasers, crossover and dance covers, and satisfying answers to burning questions reward curiosity and build trust. We reset classical music for outside  communities, young adults, students and even for some of your patrons. By the end of the week, we’ll be drawing some of our new friends to your venue for a community event.

Many ensembles serve excellent concerts & workshops. CutTime qualities cut deeper:

  • Blending famous symphonic works with fun and rhythm
  • Hosting off the cuff or scripted, we offer key clues to the fun of instrumental music
  • Reviving tonality and romanticism with new works featuring urban dance grooves
  • Offering unique special and holiday programs (Valentines, MLK, Halloween, Xmas)
  • Creating curiosity by answering burning-but-unspoken questions (Why is it classical?)
  • Giving a quick overview of key ideas and tech that made this music tradition classical
  • Sharing effective analogies for newcomers to begin listening into music
  • Highlighting music’s balance of refined and raw values & then blending them
  • Inserting classical music amplified into popular bars, restaurants, clubs & outdoors
  • Bringing our own amplification system (good up to 3,000 sq. ft.)
  • Reaching eagerly into communities of color with the why and how
  • Leading audience activities that bring them into the center of music
  • Preparing newcomers for the habits of the concert hall and how they maximize impact
  • Spontaneous interviews with questions aimed at translating the value of fine art music
  • Activating your musicians’ broader connections in your community
  • Modeling new attitudes for your local musicians to then create bold initiatives

Many of our veteran audiences are also excited to see classical loosen up and explained— proving further that casual classical is long overdue. Getting beyond dumbing down  has been the warming up new audiences have been waiting for. Now is the time to extend your mission outside of your sanctuary, to connect with your traditional events.