Q. How can we build new audience without losing existing patrons?


A. Curious music lovers are everywhere. Many have been waiting for our classical music industry to adapt. The ticket prices, presentation styles, dress code and the music performed need to meet any new audience halfway, while we guide veteran audiences to traditional concerts. A color-coded or numbered rating system on your marketing materials might distinguish between easy (or casual), mixed and advanced (or traditional) programs.

CutTime® extends classical music beyond the stage, directly towards new people, places and collaborations, discovering easy and replicable solutions for deeper engagement at every level. Our enthusiasm, intimacy and key insights make the fantastic dramas of instrumental music more practical. Audience games make the music indelible.
We spoil our audiences, and play for their attention, curiosity, laughter and catharsis. Keeping our programs lively, shaped, informative and entertaining 
makes all the difference. This is the enterprise of CutTime and flows on tap.

Watch this short video clip from WDIV-TV.