Q. Why do musicians need a Classical Revolution or CutTime®? Why change anything?


A. Our devotion as classical musicians is no secret. This music is, for us, very powerful, spiritual, broad, challenging, redemptive and worth dedicating our lives to beauty and making a living. And our demands for a controlled environment is necessary to serve our art, musicians, true believers and supporters. And yet it’s very clear that we also need to start attracting new audiences to live concerts. We would be damned if we’d compromised that environment, even if that would leave many potential fans out in the cold.

Potentials default to easy excuses rather than the extra efforts to meet those demands (shower, dress, church manners, sitting silently, tight seating, reading programs, delayed gratification, confusion). It’s bad enough that many easily dismiss classical as too European, too ancient, boring, gay, mysterious, challenging or otherwise exclusive. As musicians we can never address it directly, and so we accept it as a monk wears a robe. The irony is understandable and circumvented with simple exercises.

Another irony is that most newbies have already been deeply touched briefly by classical music, in movies, TV or memorials. Hence, there is curiosity for more. CutTime believes then that most will respond positively under the right conditions and works to create those conditions, even in noise. We are sharing access and walking back the popular stereotypes that prohibit trying; creating experiences that bridge over what divides us. We are choosing when, why and how to make classical music special or common.