Out in the real world, we must always be answering the question WHY CLASSICAL? to flip the coin of understanding. Our answers serve broader slices of humanity its own legacy of beauty, wisdom and strength. These are the promises of the public domain, the democratization of fine arts, and the classical idea of agape.

Since 2010 CutTime has been extending classical and esp. symphonic music via the Classical Revolution Detroit series (CRD), into noisy bars, coffeehouses, homes, rough artspaces and festivals; resetting the context for instrumental music as a universal and adaptable tool. We are building a new classical tradition that also validates and demystifies the old one. We began as volunteers until winning a Knight Foundation grant to expand with 34 events in 2015. People are very surprised we will play classical and symphonic music both for, and with them.



We are social entrepreneurs, spreading peace with true accessibility, when we choose to sacrifice controls and ego, to make our sacred music easy, open, meaningful and fun to learn and use. We add value, creating emotional connections using famous masterpieces and new works that blend masterpieces with urban dances. CutTime relies on lively hosting, participation, interviews and effective analogies to answer burning-but-unspoken questions. Audiences see an ethnic mix of musicians owning this music as a universal tool for self-reflection and expression. Success is when people return, bring friends, speak in favor of it, enjoy local concerts, or invite us to play in their other circles. Our work is not very popular; but it is very necessary.