Rather than always preserving world-class performance standards, we can relax our standards for an hour, as we do with pops and education. CutTime chooses to adapt for the audience in front of us, including dancing with the passion and extra-musical expressions newcomers expect to find at other concerts. Every tell of our inner feeling of music becomes a small bridge. We replace academia and formality with raw emotions and rough metaphors, to create a safe, inclusive space for raw inquiry. We may call out elephants in the room to confirm, explain or work past popular stereotypes of classical music. We will validate the community’s creativity, before we validate the ideas behind the classical arts. We create space for musical dialogue with our audience to join in on toy percussion, games, poetry, conducting and soon, singing and dance moves! Here, both sides might appreciate each other across the gap.

CutTime hires musicians of all levels, ethnicities and ages to join us in meeting the masses where and who they are. Besides community partners, we work with concert presenters, orchestras & venues, often for grant projects. Once a non-traditional community becomes excited, people suggest where else they’d like to see this and what they’d like to see us trying. With true openness (agape) toward everyone, even to those who may smell bad, the community immediately understands why we bring symphonies. Help us prove that everyone can access beauty and adventure in symphonic music.

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