Q. We want some alternative entertainment to bring in discerning customers. What do you offer?


A. The sensual sounds of strings and light percussion make CutTime Simfonica the best bang in town. Mixing famous classics with his spicy originals, bassist Rick Robinson, a veteran of the Detroit Symphony, resets the context for symphonic music are food and drink, esp. breweries.
Mr. CutTime adapts this music to an appropriate length and intensity for diners while engaging audiences with a graceful baritone and participation. Going beyond Eine Kleine and Chopin preludes, CutTime serves a delicious tapas of masterpieces, made fresh and easy to digest.

Robinson started the maverick Classical Revolution Detroit series in popular venues, pioneering interactive and info-taining classical events. He left DSO in 2013 to connect communities nationally to the symphonies he loves. These shows answer the burning questions many have about classical.

Restaurant programs may be dialed between lively and quite traditional (6-9), with instrumental classical favoring symphonic hits from Vivaldi Four Seasons and Bach Brandenburgs to Mozart symphonies and Strauss waltzes. Robinson’s own Kresge-winning originals feature the funky Pork ‘n Beans and the hip-hop City of Trees.
Programs include numerous short and light works, such as Joplin rags, spirituals, pop and jazz standards, plus Mozart divertimenti. Requests are available with advance notice. CutTime brings a 400-watt amplification system.

CutTime arranges with sponsors to make this great entertainment affordable to you.

  • Call 313-680-8104 or email sales@cuttime.com