Q. Will CutTime create new music jobs for us?
Can CutTime stop the downsizing of orchestras?

A. We live in interesting times, when, among other thorny dilemmas, some classical music institutions are deep in crisis while a few seem as yet immune to cultural climate change. In response, CutTime® is creating opportunities to reset and share classical music with curious musical omnivores. Many do want to know what they might be missing without classical music — but not enough to attend traditional concerts. They want and deserve an empathetic guide to help them access this largely wordless music. The time is now to build positive associations for sonata where hungry people go to sample other music.

Where it can, CutTime is recruiting musicians across the country to play from our large  music catalog in clubs, churches and schools, and to learn the many ways to connect what is enduring and universal in classical music. It is the only enterprise in the world dedicated to presenting symphonic music intimately. CutTime will eventually audition musicians and hire assistants & promoters to introduce, tour and develop club classical nationwide.