It’s time to reveal some of the keys that give true access to classical music, so more may draw on its beauty, power of ideas and emotional catharsis. It’s time to leave the ivory towers for a bit, and face the people we want to start coming to concerts, by setting a personal, generous, humanist context for the music. It’s time to fulfill the promise of our commons, our public domain. CutTime gives permission to musicians to do what is right and make classical music user-friendly, and feature dialogue with communities wishing a voice.

CutTime holds firmly to the middle, to be the bridge across deep gaps for those curious to walk on the other side, despite shots from all sides. It is a charitable cause and we seek partners in all communities, from restaurant & club owners for the alternative of entertaining with classical music, to orchestras and concert presenters for the magic bullets that open hearts to music without words. With partners such as foundations, donors, youth and musicians nationwide, CutTime challenges the arts industry to serve both their established and struggling communities.

Dreaming. Learning. Doing.

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